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3D Home and Garden Design for Windows

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Building The Ideal Home

3D Home and Garden Design is a multimedia software by Finson. The software is designed for graphics and design tasks where users can build home design drafts in virtual environments. It has 3D designing tools with CAD functionalities as well.

Smart Design Drafting Features

3D Home and Garden Design helps designers, students and even enthusiasts to create unique and complex architectural plans for houses or gardens. Users are provided with a large number of design tools for manual drafting. Designs can be in traditional 2D planes or advance 3D environments.  They can even add extra details like surrounding structures to make it realistic. The software allows adding of architectural items such as doors, floors, roofs, stairs, walls and windows. There is a gallery of architectural items that can be placed in the floorplan for both interior and exterior settings. Users are given more than 800 interior objects and 600 exterior objects to fit their own preferences. A collection of high-quality textures is also available to keep the design decorated and believable. The software comes with a simulation of how the nearby plants will grow so that it will be convenient to predict if a garden needs additional trimming. This software enables bi-dimensional designs, at the same time viewable in 3D. Users can navigate inside their virtual models to find areas for needed tweaking. Navigation includes multiple angles and perspectives. Any finished designs can be generated in high quality so that it looks very professional. Imaging features like radiosity and raytracing are offered to enhance the final product. Learning to fully utilize the software will take time due to its vast features.

Make A House A Home

3D Home and Garden Design has every necessary architectural drafting tools for designers. Users can produce high-quality drafts for presentations, proposals and other important projects. It has easy-to-use architectural items, textures, plant growth simulation and navigation features. Envisioning architectural design is made more convenient today.


  • Several drafting tools
  • Gallery of architectural items and textures
  • Simulated plant growth
  • Bi-dimensional designs with navigation
  • High quality design generation with radiosity and raytracing


  • Cons: More features available at paid version
  • Can be confusing at the beginning
  • Some textures looks flat
  • More features available at paid version

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3D Home and Garden Design


3D Home and Garden Design 2.0 for PC

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